Parents and School

We feel strongly that the responsibility for the education and general development of the children should be shared by both school and home. With an understanding of each other’s role and cooperation between parents and teachers, the children have a tremendous advantage.

A close link between home and school, a partnership, is therefore vital.With this in mind, a dialogue with all relevant parties was undertaken in order that a 'Home School Agreement' could be produced (see Appendix A). Parents and pupils are invited to adopt the principles and to show their commitment by signing a copy of the agreement. The Headteacher signs the copy on behalf of the school.

We try in various ways to keep you informed of your child's progress. Teachers frequently make time for consultation with parents. School reports are issued annually and there are 'Parents’ Evenings’ during the Autumn and Spring Terms. Regular newsletters (CwmGlâs News) keep you informed about what is going on.

Parents, as well as other family members and friends are encouraged to come to school and help, in whatever capacity they feel comfortable.

People in the community have many skills and talents which they can share with us - cookery, art, craft, library assistants, listening to pupils read, ancillary tasks, sport. If there is any way in which you feel that you can help, please see either the Headteacher or any teacher. When pupils see their parents showing an interest by helping in the school there is enormous benefit to their attitude, effort and attainment.