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Healthy Schools Award

We had a celebration day on Friday 10th February, where we had so many events going on, and so many visitors - these included Mrs Rebecca Evans AM, Mr Mike Hedges AM, Cllr John Haigue - Chair of Governors, and not forgetting Lee Trundle.  He joined in with the children and stayed for a question and answer session with our yr5/6 children.

We also had plenty of press coverage, with Evening Post photographer and ITV Wales news reporter Dean Thomas, returning to his old school to report our excellent news to the nation.

Our Press Release for the event reads as follows.

Healthy Schools Award Press Release

The Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes recognises the 7 health topics that are covered throughout a school’s involvement in the scheme; and for each of these identifies important aspects of a whole school approach in the following aspects of school life: Leadership and Communication, Curriculum, Ethos and Environment, and Family and Community Involvement.

The seven areas identified are:

Food and Fitness  Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being  Personal Development and Relationships  Substance Use and Misuse  Environment  Safety  Hygiene 

For each of these areas we have worked extremely hard to achieve the standards required through the curriculum, environment and the community.

Mrs Williams, our healthy school co-ordinator has worked exceptionally hard to prepare portfolios of evidence in preparation for local healthy school co-ordinators, who assess that the indicators are in place and note progress.

At the end of phase 5, once local healthy school co-ordinators were content that all evidence was available, an independent national assessor was invited to assess our school by looking at documentation, and visiting our school to receive a presentation by our Healthy School Captains,  and a pupil-led tour of the school.  As part of  their visit they also took the opportunity to speak to the whole school community, including staff, parents, Governors and pupils . 

During the independent assessment we were able to demonstrate ALL indicators, and assessors met with the local healthy school scheme co-ordinators to discuss the evidence provided. During the school visit the assessor was looking for a whole school approach to health which is embedded and understood by all. Healthy School Information - Welsh Govt

As part of our Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being, we have introduced an area called 'NO WORRIES' on our website for pupils to communicate any worries and concerns they may have.  It provides an environment that is more comfortable for some children who would rather not talk 'face to face'.  These worries are then emailed to dedicated members of staff who assess them and pass them on to the class teacher in the first instance, and followed up as soon as possible.  The web page has a password so it is exclusive to our pupils and so far has proved to be very successful. Cwm Glas School Website

We have worked extremely hard for many years on this scheme and are justifiably proud of our achievement, which would not have been possible without the dedication of Mrs Williams and an

excellent team of staff, management, parents and pupils at Cwm Glas Primary School.