Dear Parent/Carer,

Please find below details of the work that your child’s class will be doing during this term. I have also suggested ways in which you can help your child at home.

Thank you for your support,

Mr Craven

Autumn Term 2017

 Theme - The Sustainable Earth (Materials, Caring for the Environment, Citizenship) 

Main Areas of Study

Maths – number facts & relationships, length, construction, number sequences, fractions/decimals/percentages/ratio, reasoning skills, data skills

English –Recount, Instruction and Explanation writing (poetry around Nov 5th)

Science - investigating materials & their properties (incl. rock & soli), reversible/irreversible changes, Earth, Sun & Moon topic

Welsh – ‘Dyma Fi’ (This is me), reading, writing & oracy activities

P.E. – Gymnastics and dance, invasion games (e.g. football, netball, rugby skills), SWIMMING*

PSE - 1) Active Citizenship, 2) sustainable development & global citizenship

R.E. – Ways of Life, comparing/contrasting beliefs, festivals & practices

Geography – Local Area – places, people, employment, land use, map work

History – Tudors & Stuarts, homes, rich/poor comparisons, famous people, exploration & discovery

Art – 1) Painting – art and artists to convey emotion 2) Sculpture

Ways Which You Can Help At Home

  • Please send any interesting objects to school (not valuable items), A great website to find out more about the history topic is
  • Please listen to your child reading at home every night or AT LEAST twice a week. This makes such a huge difference to a child’s progress (a Reading Diary is provided for you to make comments)
  • Visit the local library to choose books relevant to topics being studied at school.
  • Talk to your child about the range of materials that are used in the home and why each may be suited to their purpose. Be on the look out for interesting rocks!
  • Homework will be sent home every Friday, to be in by the following Tuesday.
  • A spelling list will be sent home every Monday. Children will be tested on these words on the following Friday.
  • Class-based Fruit Tuck is sold for Break Time. £1 per week brought in on a Friday for the week ahead, ideally, although a Monday is fine (or 20p per day)
  • PE Kits to remain in school on pegs. They can come home for a wash periodically. This helps us be flexible when bad weather prevents us from going outdoors.

*SWIMMING KIT will need to come into school every WEDNESDAY. We will be going swimming every Wednesday afternoon, starting 14.09.16